Top events in

In the heat of the summer, music will rhythm your stay, but not just music! Sport, the cinema and live shows are also on the agenda. They will keep you busy when you are not relaxing at the beach or trying local foods!

The Bayonne Feria, July

Every year since 1932, Bayonne has celebrated its culture and traditions in memorable style. A million “partygoers” gather in a white and red wave that invades the city. This is the world’s 5th biggest popular festival! Hold on, it’s going to be a rough ride!

International Surfing Film Festival, July

Outdoors at La Chambre d’Amour, sitting in a deck chair in front of the ocean’s magnitude, you can discover the best audio-visual productions on the subject of surfing. Enjoy the concerts and exhibitions or just stroll around the festival village in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Basque Country Ceramics market, September

In this outstanding bastide town, come and discover all the professions linked to using earth: pottery, decorative objects or sculptures. There are plenty of designers dotted all around the village if you care to take a stroll. A “love at first sight” purchase is probably just around the corner!