Just a few kilometres from the Spanish border, one of the Basque Country’s most iconic towns, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, is the perfect destination for a holiday in slow mode! With its immense bay, fishing harbour and unique view of the Basque mountains, experience an authentic rural getaway between land and sea in the company of family or friends.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz awaits you for a holiday to enjoy the benefits of the Atlantic Ocean, reconnect with yourself and your surroundings and take part in gentle sporting activities. The magnificent Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz offers an outstanding view of the Basque Coast. Tonique Ondine offers you the chance to shape up with invigorating activities such as aqua walking, aqua gym (in the sea), swimming and swim running directly in the ocean. For an even more intense oceanic experience, Atlantic Pirogue offers stand-up paddle, Hawaiian canoeing or kayaking, and will guide you on a unique discovery tour of Spanish coves at sunset.

The Basque Country is an invitation to enjoy the outdoors in a luxurious natural setting, ideally located between the land and the sea. Once you’ve dried off, slip on your walking boots and head off on an eco-friendly hike at the foot of La Rhune, a must-see in the Basque mountains. Follow your enthusiastic guides from Mendi Lagunak and Mendi Gaiak off the beaten track to discover the region from a new perspective. In these vast open spaces, devoted mainly to pastoralism, you can observe the local flora and fauna, such as pottok ponies, vultures, Manex sheep and much more.

With the kids? Don’t miss Wowpark in Urrugne. This is the region’s largest leisure nature park. In a luxurious natural setting of 18ha, adults, teens and kids alike will enjoy unwinding in the company of family or friends. Raised cabins in the middle of a centenary forest, giant slides, zip-lines and 60-metre net passageways between the trees, sledging slopes and water slides are just some of the 25 activities on hand for young and old! Managed by nature lovers, the entire operation of the park is based on the sustainability of its resources. For example, green waste is chipped on-site and used to produce compost.


For your slow tourism stay, enjoy comfortable accommodation in Saint-Jean-de-Luz or in the calm of the back country, in guesthouses, hotels, gîtes, campsites or residential centres, etc.

Slow Tourisme

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  • Tonique Ondine aqua walking is open to adults and children from 12 years and over. Sessions last 45 minutes.
  • Atlantic Pirogue is open all year round, advance booking required. The tour of Spanish coves lasts 2 hours and includes walking, baby squid fishing and a picnic.
  • The Mendi Lagunak association offers night hikes in Ascain, yoga-hikes and walking trails.
  • Rando Eko Pays basque in Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle offers organised tours by Swincar (an innovative and silent electric all-road vehicle).
  • Egiategia, a unique visit. In a former port facility of Socoa harbour, Emmanuel Poirmeur takes you on a discovery of subsea wine-making in the Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz/Ciboure.


In the heart of the Basque Country, between Bayonne and Pamplona, explore the Basque mountains and experience an intense adventure. A large range of hiking trails and other activities on offer.

We’re based in Ciboure Socoa, on the path leading to the Fort de Socoa. The Bay of Saint Jean de Luz/Ciboure is yours to explore.

Based at the foot of La Rhune, the Mendi Lagunak association and its six passionate guides will take you on an exploration of the Basque mountains. We offer outdoor activities all year round.

Tonique Ondine welcomes you all year round on the Grande Plage in Saint Jean de Luz. Enjoy all the benefits of the sea in total safety and experience some unique moments.

Rando Eko Pays Basque is based in Saint Pée Sur Nivelle in the Pyrénées Atlantiques region (near the Basque Coast, Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz and Saint-Jean de Luz). We offer a range of guided hiking activities.

Visit Egiategia, the pioneer in subsea wine-making. The Egiategia cellars are located in a former port facility in the Socoa harbour. Discover the history of subsea wine-making


At the gateway to Spain, between mountain and sea.

This beautiful, fully-renovated Basque house boasts a charming patio.

On the Basque coastline, overlooking the bay and opposite Fort de Socoa.

In Ciboure, opposite the Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz on the Basque coast.

A large Basque house brimming with charm.

The Hôtel de la Plage, an exceptional location in Saint-Jean-de-Luz