Local surfer girl

No waves? Don’t panic, there are several skateparks along the coast. In Bayonne you can skate in the shade of trees. The site has several modules and has a nifty circuit design. In Anglet, you can ride by the sea in a family atmosphere, learner skaters come here. There are two skateparks in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, one by the railway station and the famous Quiksilver boardrider skatepark. If there are no waves AND it’s raining, there’s an indoor park in Biarritz, with a fairly technical bowl.

The best place for a drink by the sea is Kostaldea in high season. This wooden hut with tables on a pretty square overlooks the Chambre d’Amour beach and Cap Saint-Martin, with a magical view of Biarritz lighthouse and the never-ending ocean. At sunset, the atmosphere is enchanting. In the same spirit, EtxolaBibi in Biarritz is a nice alternative. There is also of course the legendary Bar de la Côte on the Côte des Basques beach.

In high season, surfing and skating events come thick and fast. In June at the Cité de l’Océan, Wheels&Waves features music, art, skating, surfing and collector motorcycles. The Festilasai (August) promotes contemporary local culture with music, skating and street art. A great alternative event. Some silver screen magic with the Anglet International Surf Film Festival; watch outdoor screening by the water, on a deckchair. Concerts are also tied in with the event.

There are plenty of great surfing waves all along the Basque coast! The many beaches offer a variety of conditions and weather suitable for longboarders and shortboarders. Beginners and experts alike will find something suitable. From Anglet to Bidart, along with the legendary wave of Belharra, you are spoilt for choice!