PLAGE du CENTRE in bidart

in bidart

Bidart Beach

This surfing spot is located in Bidart town centre, between the beaches of Erretegia (to the north) and Uhabia (to the south), the spot is overlooked by cliffs covered with natural, verdant vegetation. The exceptional view of the Bay of Biscaye (Spain) overlooked by mountains which seem to fall directly into the ocean, will catch your attention immediately.

This strip of sand extends over 500 metres. There is a beach break which is best ridden at mid-tide. There is a reef at the southern tip of the beach with rocks on either side. There is a great right in front, a left to the north and a wave which recedes more and able to form great tubes, in the south. However, the spot can change due to moving sand banks and the tides. Whatever your level, you are bound to enjoy and remember it forever.

The beach has a car park with a few spaces, but you can also go on foot from the village or take the shuttle bus.

A few bars and restaurants along the seafront offer food and beverages. Showers are at your disposal.

Bidart boasts several surf schools.

Before or after your surf session, don’t miss a visit to the charming and typically Basque village-resort. The main square has a fronton/pediment at its heart. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to feel the ambient exaltation when a game is in play!

This beach break is protected from the south winds by a cliff which also acts as a natural break-water, the waves are therefore smaller than at other beaches. The spot is surrounded by surf shops (for equipment sales and rental), as well as bars and restaurants providing a place to relax after a surf session.

This is the ultimate legendary spot; it is no more no less than the birthplace of surfing in France. It boasts an outstanding location which provides a breath-taking view of the Villa Belza and the Spanish Coast. Be careful nonetheless, at high tide, the waves break on the rocks and the beach is completely covered by the sea.