Port Vieux Biarritz Pays Basque

How can you not be surprised when you discover this beach, or rather, this cove, right in the centre of Biarritz?

Unfolding like an untold secret, you will feel like you are entering a secluded location when you walk down to reach the sand via the steps located on each side of the “Esplanade de la Vierge”. The latter lead to covered passageways along the seafront. This is historically a whaling port; the arches were used by the women who recovered the oil from melted whale blubber.

The famous “Rocher de la Vierge” (Virgin’s Rock) which is linked to the shore by a walkway designed by Gustave Eiffel, rises to your right. On your left, you can see the cliffs which lead to the Côte des Basques Beach, another exceptional site on this coast. Don’t forget to look back and admire the magnificent Goéland Villa.

Its location, sheltered from the wind and waves, make it an ideal place for families. At low tide, the rocks to the right are uncovered providing a new play area for your children. They are bound to enjoy this child-friendly space. And you will be reassured that you can never lose sight of them. So, relax and enjoy the freedom!

Special features: there is a café built on the rock promontory.

Visiting in Winter? You will likely see swimmers whatever the weather. The Vieux Port Beach has been home to the mythical “Ours Blancs” swimming club, which has gathered sea-swimming fans year-round, since 1929.

This beach is on the southernmost part of the coast and is the last beach in France before the Spanish border. The atmosphere is friendly, without pretence. You will share the beach with Spanish tourists who are frequent visitors here.
The gentle slope means you can walk far out to sea, good news for your small children.

Three sea walls protect this stretch of sand from the waves; the beach provides totally safe bathing for the whole family. You won’t know which way to look as the landscapes are rich and varied: there is a fortress, a belvedere, traditional architecture and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. So, get comfortable and soak up the Basque atmosphere!