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In the middle of winter, life in the Basque Country is far from going into hibernation, quite the opposite: the streets and facades are lit up and we all know that San Pantzar’s Judgement day is not too far off. You are bound to be delighted by this event where you will be immersed in ancestral traditions. Winter is such an exciting season!

Biarritz Illuminated, December

For the Christmas period and the end of year celebrations, the illuminations create a fairyland atmosphere. Stroll through the streets at nightfall and admire the seaside resort’s exceptional buildings: they seem enchanted! At Sainte Eugénie Crypt, Bellevue and the Casino, magical stories light up the facades!

Ustaritz Carnival, February

This is the very essence of Basque culture, as actors, musicians and dancers celebrate the arrival of spring. But the highlight is the Judgement of San Pantzar on the main square. Guards, Zirtzils, Weepers, a Judge and a Priest, as well as other characters from Basque mythology, will all be there.