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Basque Cake

Art and gastronomy make for a creative and stimulating autumn in the Basque Country. You can discover local specialities like Basque Cake, and enjoy a contemporary art biennial or a street art festival. The region is open for business and we look forward to seeing you!

Basque Cake Festival

The Basque Cake Festival, October

This is a gourmet weekend if ever there was one, as this charming spa village celebrates one of the region’s iconic specialities. You can try this pastry with custard filling or the famous Itxassou black cherry jam, or even learn how to make it yourself, for the greater delight of your taste buds.

Wall Art in Bayonne

Points de Vue Festival, October

The streets of Bayonne are a museum in their own right and welcome artists of international renown. This festival is organised by the Spacejunk Gallery. It honours the practice of wall painting on the gable ends of buildings which makes for some monumental and forceful artworks. To be discovered right away!

Chocolate Festival in Biarritz Basque Country

Chocolate days, November

Bayonne is the French capital of chocolate and was one of the first French towns to welcome chocolate workshops, back in the 17th century. The city counts no less than 7 renowned chocolate-makers. It is therefore no surprise that a festival has been organised to celebrate this delicious food. Between tastings and a guided tour to discover the transformation of cocoa beans into chocolate, it’s bound to tittle delight taste buds!