This inland town, not far from the village of Espelette, is a peaceful haven.
Stroll through the 12-hectare park, full of trees, and with thermal baths. The building dates from 1927 and was built in an Art Deco style. It features beautiful mosaics and ironwork.

Did you know that Edmond Rostand, the famous author of Cyrano de Bergerac, had his house built at the entrance to the city in 1906? The villa is now a Museum of France and has been classed as a Historic Monument. The visit offers an immersion into the writer’s world. The interior is bound to surprise you with its theatrical design! The exterior is no less impressive, with a 15-hectare park featuring French and English-style gardens designed by E. Rostand himself, and a lovely orange orchard. This house was one of the first to be built in a Neo-Basque style.

Check out the programme at the Saint-Laurent church, you might have the chance to listen to a traditional Basque choir for a memorable, authentic experience.

Meet the artists and craftspeople from Bas-Cambo. Maison Landeia is home to a collection of highly skilled artists’ workshops. Opposite, Karaban’Art is a shop selling handcrafted items directly to the public (jewellery, ceramics, glassware, etc.).

The town is also known for its Gâteau Basque Festival, held in early October. This event celebrates the local speciality with its black cherry or cream filling.


This two-facetted town between sea and pine forest is located between Bayonne and Biarritz. You can enjoy all sorts of sports including surfing, golf, treetop adventure trails and cycling; and cultural activities such as the Biennale Internationale d’Art Contemporain and the Théâtre Quintaou, with the “national stage” label, not forgetting the gigantic flea market!

Bayonne is a real hub of Basque culture. It has everything: architecture, including the traditional timber-framed houses, gastronomy with ham and chocolate, sport with rugby and pelota, traditional dances, festivals, including the famous Fêtes de Bayonne, three museums presenting fine arts, Basque history and natural history, and bullfighting in the arenas!

Around the marketplace, a relaxed urban atmosphere fills the bars and restaurants, spilling out onto the streets.
Tapas and traditional dishes can be enjoyed on the terraces. Take on the waves at one of the four beaches in this seaside city, then walk through the streets to discover a rich variety of architecture.

Bidart is a charming town with a variety of activities on offer. Laze about on one of the six beaches, take a walk along the Coastal Trail or allow yourself a moment of contemplation from a high lookout point over the sea, the mountains and the sunset. Would you like to learn to play golf? Visit the Ilbarritz International Training Centre.

This town’s location between the sea, the mountains and the Spanish border allows you to combine several different activities in one day: the beach, a walk and an evening of tapas. The picturesque view over the bays from the cliffs is unforgettable. The strata of sedimentary rock in the cliffs are well worth a look.

A charming fishing harbour, a beach sheltered from the waves, a pedestrian town centre with lovely boutiques, botanical gardens on the Archilua cliff, located on the Coastal Trail, and architectural heritage tours. All of this awaits you in this renowned seaside town.