Biarritz Cote des Basques

The Côte des Basques is a classic surfing spot. It’s the birthplace of French surfing which began in 1956. Peter Viertel was the first to ride the tubes of the Atlantic Ocean. He was also the one who made the sport popular in France. Biarritz then became the surfing reference throughout the whole of Europe.

The beach boasts an exceptional setting. The famous and sumptuous Villa Belza, which seems to literally come out of the cliff is built to the north. The Spanish coastline extends to the south. You will be surfing with a backdrop of mountains, a truly unforgettable experience.

At low tide, the spot is ideal for beginners. It becomes more technical at high tide and is recommended for the most experienced surfers. The waves break on the rocks and the sea covers the whole beach. The rising tide can be dangerous and should be anticipated. It is an ever-evolving beach break, the sand banks move regularly. It is particularly appreciated by long boarders.

Access to the spot is both charming and unusual. From the Corniche car park, take the stairs with hairpin turns, nicknamed the “100 steps”, to reach the spot. In peak season, you can also take the free shuttle bus.

After your surf session, don’t forget to stop for some refreshments at the Bar de la Côte, a former art-deco bathing house, boasting a pergola overlooking the sea providing an exceptional view.
Please note that this beach was elected “Most beautiful beach of France” by TripAdvisor in 2017.

This beach break is protected from the south winds by a cliff which also acts as a natural break-water, the waves are therefore smaller than at other beaches. The spot is surrounded by surf shops (for equipment sales and rental), as well as bars and restaurants providing a place to relax after a surf session

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, you will have fun at this spot which boasts rights and lefts. This small, 500-metre beach is family-friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the setting is spectacular, there is an exceptional view over the Bay of Biscaye.