chambre d'AMOUR in anglet

Chambre d'AMOUR
in anglet

Surfer doing a barrel in Anglet

The Petite Chambre d’Amour beach is located in the very south of the Angloy Coast. The beaches of Anglet extend over 4.5 kilometres from la Barre (in the north) as far as the Cap Saint-Martin cliff (in the south) which overlooks the spot. Following the shoreline, you will find a dozen other spots, the extensive choice is interesting because it makes possible to adapt to the meteorological conditions.

The spot at Anglet has some of the best tubes on the Basque Coast, thrills are guaranteed! It is therefore no coincidence if the Chambre d’Amour Beach, adjacent to La Petite in the north, hosts a stage of the QS European Circuit, Qualifying Series, organised by the World Surf League.

You will be surfing in a fabulous setting with a fantastic view of the Biarritz lighthouse to the left, and, in clear weather, the Landes beaches, also renowned for their waves, to the right.

It’s a beach break. The spot works better at low tide, you will find both rights and lefts. A few rocks to the north of the beach require caution. This spot is particularly recommended for experienced surfers although the waves are smaller than at some of the other beaches.

Several Surf Schools are dotted along the sea-front, it’s possible to enrol for lessons, just for an afternoon or for longer surf camps from April to October. The site boasts several free car parks. You can buy or rent equipment at stores close to the beach. Now just dive in!

This is the ultimate legendary spot; it is no more no less than the birthplace of surfing in France. It boasts an outstanding location which provides a breath-taking view of the Villa Belza and the Spanish Coast. Be careful nonetheless, at high tide, the waves break on the rocks and the beach is completely covered by the sea.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, you will have fun at this spot which boasts rights and lefts. This small, 500-metre beach is family-friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the setting is spectacular, there is an exceptional view over the Bay of Biscaye.